Welcome to the Jade College of Oriental Medicine

The Jade College of Oriental Medicine (JCOM) is an independent college that is dedicated to educating and inspiring students from across the UK and Europe to launch or enhance their Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) careers.  From a leafy suburb in Greater Manchester, we provide students with a relaxed and flexible teaching environment to suit all learning needs. As well as keeping class sizes small to ensure high standards throughout all our diplomas, we set up digital discussion groups outside of college hours to enable students to ask questions and develop their theoretical knowledge.

Our devoted lecturers and course directors bring a vast amount of teaching and clinical experience, giving JCOM a reputation for being one of the top TCM college’s in the UK.  Having originally directed the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine from 2011 to 2017, and having successfully expanded their educational offerings and student intakes, our directors set out alone in 2017 to create JCOM after a need to focus on TCM with a more Classical emphasis became apparent.

Originally, Chinese Medicine was taught through apprenticeships and teaching masters had only a very small number of students at any one time, which allowed for very accurate and exacting levels of teaching – this is what is known as Classical Chinese Medicine.  Further down the line, more and more people wanted to learn about Chinese Medicine and so TCM was developed. Due to higher student numbers, the apprenticeship style had to be dropped, which meant that one teacher would see many students at once and so TCM became a more generic based model of teaching compared to the Classics.  Although TCM is a fantastic standalone model and is the main focus of our teachings, we believe that the Classics and classical teachings still hold some importance. By including elements from the Classics we believe we are able to increase student knowledge and understanding even further, enabling them to become more confident and effective practitioners in whatever therapy they choose.

By studying with JCOM, you will join an inspiring group of lecturers, graduates and fellow students who pride themselves on supporting one another, meaning your journey in Chinese medicine is never alone!


Course Accreditation

Our Acupuncture courses are fully accredited by the Acupuncture Society and the British Acupuncture Federation.  This ensures that our courses meet the highest standards, and allows our graduates eligibility to apply for membership and professional registration with both the Acupuncture Society and the British Acupuncture Federation.  Our graduates will be eligible to practice immediately with full practice insurance.


Please click here to find out how to apply and view our course fees.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.